Exclusive Interview Preview: Doug Stafford Executive Director of Rand PAC

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Click here to listen to the interview with Doug Stafford Politico says Doug Stafford is in the Top 50 Politicos to Watch. Until recently Doug Stafford was Senator Rand Paul’s Chief of Staff, he left this position to become Executive Director of Rand PAC. We have invited Doug Stafford to be our very first guest on RandRadio.com. Join us on Tuesday September 17th – Constitution Day for this exclusive interview. Sign-up for a chance to win! 1st Prize: ’16 Ounces Of .999 Pure Silver! [from Mulligan Mint Inc] 2nd Prize: Earn Bitcoins for 1 full year for Free with CloudHashing.com bitcoin mining services! 3rd Prize: $250 Visa Card Gift Certificate from States Have Power by Dan Itse 4th Prize: A Rand Paul T-Shirt! Click here to...

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Win Free Stuff!

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Rand Radio is giving away prizes on September 17 Constitution Day. Get a chance to win silver coins from Mulligan Mint Inc, a year’s supply of bitcoins from Cloud Hashing, and a $250 visa card gift certificate from States Have Powers. Sign up here to...

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Rand Radio is coming soon!

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Rand Radio is coming soon! Get Exclusive News and Interviews With Conservatives, Tea Partiers, and Libertarians You Won’t Hear Anywhere Else. [We’re serious, no place else!] http://signup.randradio.com/ 1st Prize: ’16 Ounces Of .999 Pure Silver! from Mulligan Mint Inc 2nd Prize: Earn Bitcoins for 1 full year for Free with Cloud Hashing bitcoin mining services! 3rd Prize: A Rand Paul T-Shirt!...

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