As if handling a new marriage wasn’t enough, Beccy and Austin Craig added another challenge.  For the first ninety days of their post-moneymoon married life, the Craigs are living  only  on bitcoin. That means finding merchants to accept bitcoin for gas, groceries, rent, insurance, and every other personal  expense, big or small, in their home town of Provo Utah. The adventure is being documented for the Kickstarter funded film,  Life on Bitcoin. At the Crypto-Currency Conference, the Craigs will be over 9 weeks into their 12 week experiment. Having tackled the essentials at home, the the next challenge is a global tour, driving from Provo to New York City, then flying to Stockholm, Berlin, Singapore, and back. Can bitcoin bring a young couple around the globe?

Austin Craig worked in radio and television before turning his talents to web video. He’s been part of the marketing team at Orabrush Inc. since the company’s launch in the Summer of 2009. They grew from no sales to millions of brushes sold in over 30,000 locations, with over 40 million YouTube views and 340,000 facebook fans. His latest efforts in crowdfunding have launched the Orapup tongue cleaner for dogs, and the documentary film “Life on Bitcoin”. He’s been a featured speaker at marketing conferences in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Chicago, and Salt Lake City.

Beccy Craig is a Fine Art graduate from Brigham Young University. Immediately after graduating she opened and operated a clothing boutique, simultaneously getting involved in the local art community, helping organize gallery strolls, art centers, and festivals. During that time, Beccy was introduced to graphic design, and became a self-taught graphic designer. She’s worked with local businesses both large and small, and now works as the Director of Marketing and Design for C7 Data Centers.

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